Top albums 2024 : les meilleurs jusqu'à présent

Top albums 2024 : les meilleurs jusqu’à présent

Le premier semestre de l’année 2024 s’est achevé dans un contexte chaotique, mais il est temps de dresser un bilan. Voici le top 10 des meilleurs albums de l’année jusqu’à présent, selon l’équipe des « Inrocks ».

**Franck Vergeade**

1. **Khruangbin** *A La Sala* (Dead Oceans/Modulor)
2. **Beth Gibbons** *Lives Outgrown* (Domino/Sony Music)
3. **Justice** *Hyperdrama* (Ed Banger Records/Because)
4. **Billie Eilish** *Hit Me Hard and Soft* (Interscope Records/Universal)
5. **MGMT** *Loss Of Life* (Mom + Pop Music/Bertus)
6. **Gwendoline** *C’est à moi ça* (Born Bad Records/L’Autre Distribution)
7. **Ride** *Interplay* (Wichita/PIAS)
8. **Fabiana Palladino** *Fabiana Palladino* (XL Recordings/Wagram)
9. **Hanaa Ouassim** *La Vie de star* (Pan European Recording/Bigwax)
10. **Cosmic Analog Ensemble** *Les Grandes vacances* (Jakarta Records/Bigwax)

**François Moreau**

1. **King Hannah** *Big Swimmer* (City Slang/PIAS)
2. **Fabiana Palladino** *Fabiana Palladino* (Paul Institute)
4. **Bolis Pupul** *Letter To Yu* (DEEWEE/Because Music)
5. **Goat Girl** *Below The Waste* (Rough Trade)
6. **Myriam Gendron** *Mayday* (Chivi Chivi)
7. **DIIV** *Frog In Boilng Water* (DIIV/Fantasy Record)
8. **The High Llamas** *Hey Panda* (Drag City/Modulor)
9. **Cindy Lee** *Diamond Jubilee* (Realistik Studios)
10. **Lossapardo** *If I Were To Paint It* (Roche Musique)

**Louise Lucas (qui aime le suspens)**

10. **Gwendoline** *C’est à moi ça* (Born Bad Records) 
9. **Fishtalk** *OUT* (Petite Biche Records)
8. **Folly Group** *Down There!* (So Young Records)
7. **Cola** *The Gloss* (Fire Talk Records)
6. **The Last Dinner Party** *Prelude to Ecstasy* (Island Records)
5. **Maruja** *Connla’s Well* (/)
4. **IDLES** *Tangk* (Partisan Records)
3. **DIIV** *Frog In Boiling Water* (Fantasy Records)
2. **Chalk** *Conditions II* (Nice Swan Records)
1. **Drahla** *angeltape* (Captured Tracks)

**Théo Dubreuil**

1. **Charli xcx** *BRAT* (Atlantic Records)
2. **TH** *E-TRAP* (Noviceland)
3. **Vampire Weekend** *Only God Was Above Us* (Columbia Records)
4. **Bonnie Banane** *Nini* (Péché Mignon/Grand Musique Management)
5. **That Mexican OT** *Texas Technician* (Manifest/Good Talk/Good Money/Capitol Records)
6. **Fabiana Palladino** *Fabiana Palladino* (Paul Institute)
7. **Yung Lean & Bladee** *Psykos* (World Affairs)
8. **Chief Keef** *Almighty So 2* (43B)
9. **DJ Arana** *Playlist Do Mago 2.0* (24por48)
10. **Clarissa Connelly** *World Of Work* (Warp Records)

**Noémie Lecoq**

1. **Bill Ryder-Jones** *Iechyd Da* (Domino)
2. **The Smile** *Wall Of Eyes* (XL Recordings)
3. **St. Vincent** *All Born Screaming* (Total Pleasure)
4. **Grace Cummings** *Ramona* (ATO/PIAS)
5. **Billie Eilish** *Hit Me Hard and Soft* (Darkroom/Interscope Records/Universal Music)
6. **And Also the Trees** *Mother-of-pearl Moon* (AATT/Cargo)
7. **The Libertines** *All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade* (Virgin/Universal)
8. **Richard Hawley** *In This City They Call You Love* (BMG)
9. **Vera Sola** *Peacemaker* (City Slang)
10. **Bat for Lashes** *The Dream of Delphi* (Decca/Universal)

**Sophie Rosemont**

Vampire Weekend *Only God Was Above US* (Columbia/Sony)
Beth Gibbons *Lives Outgrown* (Domino)
The Smile *Wall of Eyes* (XL Recordings)
Shay *Pourvu qu’il pleuve* (Jolie Garce Records / Because)
Sleater-Kinney *Little Rope* (Loma Vista)
Kamasi Washington *Fearless Movement* (Young)
St. Vincent *All Born Screaming* (Virgin)
Bill Ryder-Jones *Iechyd Da* (Domino)
Billie Eilish *Hit Me Hard and Soft* (Polydor)
Kim Gordon *The Collective* (Matador)
MGMT *Loss of Life* (Mom + Pop Record / Bertus)

**Théo Lilin**

La Fève *24* (Walone/ADA France)
Justice *Hyperdrama* (Ed Banger Records/Because)
Beyoncé *Cowboy Carter* (Parkwood/Columbia)
Gesaffelstein *Gamma* (Columbia/Sony Music)
Billie Eilish *Hit Me Hard and Soft* (Darkroom/Interscope Records/Universal)
Lewis OfMan *Cristal Medium Blue* (Virgin Music)
Four Tet *Three* (Text Records)
Yeat *2093* (Capitol)
Erika de Casier *Still* (4AD)
Château Flight *La Folie Studio* (Versatile Records)

**Maxime Delcourt**

Casey MQ *Later That Day, The Day Before, Or The Day Before That* (Ghostly International)
BEN plg *Dire je t’aime* (Pour La Gloire)
Vampire Weekend *Only God Was Above Us* (Columbia/Sony)
Bonnie Banane *Nini* (Péché Mignon/Grand Musique)
Schoolboy Q *Blue Lips* (Top Dawg Entertainment/Interscope)
Sameer Ahmad *La vie est bien faite* (Bad Cop Bad Cop)
Bolis Pupul *Letter To Yu* (DEEWEE/Because)
Hanaa Ouassim *La vie de star* (Pan European)
Hugo TSR *La pluie* (Chambre froide/PIAS)
The Smile *Wall Of Eyes* (Self Help Tapes/XL Recordings)

**Valentin Geny**

Beak> *>>>>* (Invada Records/PIAS)
Jessica Pratt *Here in the Pitch* (City Slang/PIAS)
The Smile *Wall of Eyes* (XL Recordings/Wagram)
Homeshake *CD Wallet* (Dine Alone Records)
Megabasse *Discorde* (Desastre Records)
Actress *Statik* (Smalltown Supersound/Modulor)
Beth Gibbons *Lives Outgrown* (Domino/Sony Music)
Corridor *Mimi* (Sub Pop/Modulor)
Vampire Weekend *Only God Was Above Us* (Columbia/Sony Music)
Kali Malone *All Life Long* (Ideologic Organ)

**Xavier Ridel**

Bolis Pupul *Letter to Yu* (Deewee)
Charli xcx *BRAT*(Atlantic Records)
Fat White Family *Forgiveness Is Yours* (Domino Records)
Gwendoline *C’est à moi ça* (Born Bad Records)
Helen Island *last liasse* (Kneklhuis)
Johnny Jane *Attitude(s)* (Columbia)
Lescop *Rêve Parti* (Labrea / Wagram)
Luther *EXIT* (Sublime)
Rendez Vous *Downcast* (Artefact)
Yung Lean & Bladee *Psykos* (World Affairs)

**Patrick Thévenin**

Actress *Statik* (Smalltown Supersound)
musclecars *Sugar Honey Iced Tea !* (BBE)
Billie Eilish *Hit Me Hard and Soft* (Interscope Records)
Childish Gambino *Atavista* (RCA)
Paranoid London *Arsholes, Liars and Electronic Pioneers* (Paranoid London Records)
Floorplan *The Master’s Plan* (Defected)
Various *RainboWarriors Vol 1* (Warrior Records)
Château Flight *La Folie Studio* (Versatile)
Justice *Hyperdrama* (EdBanger)
Taana Gardner *When You Touch Me – Expanded* (Cherry Red)

**Rémi Boiteux**

Vampire Weekend *Only God Was Above Us* (Columbia/Sony Music)
Billie Eilish *Hit Me Hard And Soft* (Darkroom/Interscope/Universal)
Jessica Pratt *Here In The Pitch* (City Slang/PIAS)
Beth Gibbons *Lives Outgrown* (Domino/Sony Music)
MGMT *Loss Of Life* (Mom+Pop Music/Bertus)
Eels *EELS TIME !* (E Works/PIAS)
Barbagallo *Garde-fou* (Almost Music/Modulor)
Anastasia Coope *Darning Woman* (Jagjaguwar/Modulor)
Cabane *Brûlée* (Cabane Records)
Grandaddy *Blu Wav* (Dangerbird Records/SoundWorks)

**Briac Julliand**

1. **Vampire Weekend** *Only God Was Above Us* (Columbia)
2. **Rafael Toral** *Spectral Evolution* (Moikai)
3. **Bladee** *Cold Visions* (Trash Island)
4. **Charli xcx** *BRAT* (Atlantic)
5. **Mount Kimbie** *The Sunset Violent* (Warp)
6. **A. G. Cook** *Britpop* (New Alias)
7. **MGMT** *Loss of Life* (Mom+Pop)
8. **Astrid Sonne** *Great Doubt* (Escho)
9. **St. Vincent** *All Born Screaming* (Total Pleasure)
10. **Erika de Casier** *Still* (4AD)

**Arnaud Ducôme**

1. **Bill Ryder-Jones** *Iechyd Da* (Domino Records)
2. **English Teacher** *This Could Be Texas* (Island Records)
3. **Fabiana Palladino** *Fabiana Palladino* (Paul Institute/XL Recordings/Wagram)
4. **Dog Park** *Festina Lente* (Géographie/Modulor)
5. **Arab Strap** *I’m Totally Fine with It Don’t Give a Fuck Anymore* (Rock Action Records/PIAS)
6. **Olivier Rocabois** *The Afternoon of our Lives* (December Square /Kuroneko)
7. **School Daze** *Bass Is The Message As Well, Papa* (WeWant2Wecord)
8. **The High Llamas** *Hey Panda* (Drag City Records)
9. **Les Mercuriales** *Les choses m’échappent* (Hellzapoppin/Kuroneko)
10. **Warietta** *Handkuss Jesus* (Cutter Amer/ Modulor)

**Alexis Hache**

Vampire Weekend *Only God Was Above Us* (Columbia)
Chelsea Wolfe *She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She* (Loma Vista)
Mannequin Pussy *I Got Heaven* (Epitaph)
Lysistrata *Veil* (Vicious Circle)
Slift *ILION* (Sub Pop)
The Lemon Twigs *A Dream Is All We Know* (Captured Tracks)
The Smile *Wall of Eyes* (Self Help Tapes)
Adrianne Lenker *Bright Future* (4AD)
Beth Gibbons *Lives Outgrown* (Domino)
The Last Dinner Party *Prelude To Ecstasy* (Island)

**Juliette Poulain**

Goat Girl *Below the Waste* (Rough Trade Records/Wagram)
Malvina *Mercedes* (Pop Noire)
Billie Eilish *Hit Me Hard and Soft* (Interscope Records/Universal)
Championne *Championne* (EP) (Championne/Parapente)
FEET *Make It Up* (Submarine Cat Records)
Beth Gibbons *Lives Outgrown* (Domino/Sony Music)
Jessica Pratt *Here in the Pitch* (City Slang/PIAS)
Peter Deaves *Ceol Agus Gra* (Le Poulpe)
Mount Kimbie *The Sunset Violent* (Warp)
Justice *Hyperdrama* (Ed Banger/Because)

**Jérôme Provençal**

Kim Gordon *The Collective* (Matador)
Bibi Club *Feu de garde* (Secret City)
Oum Shatt *Opt Out* (Wanda Y Records)
CXK *Castèls dins la luna* (Sirventès)
Marie Klock *Damien est vivant* (Pingipung)
Ha The Unclear *A Kingdom In A Cul-de-Sac* (Think Zik!)
Moor Mother *The Great Bailout* (ANTI)
L’Étrangleuse *Ambiance Argile* (La Curieuse-Compagnie 4000)
Avalanche Kaito *Talitakum* (Glitterbeat)
Eric Chenaux Trio *Delights Of My Life* (Constellation)

**Vincent Brunner**

1. **Thomas de Pourquery** *Let The Monster Fall* (Believe)
2. **El Perro Del Mar** *The Big Anonymous* (City Slang)
3. **The Black Keys** *Ohio Players* (Nonesuch/Wea)
4. **Beth Gibbons** *Lives Outgrown* (Domino)
5. **Sameer Ahmad** *La Vie est bien faite* (Bad Cop Bad Cop)
6. **Château Flight** *La Folie Studio* (Versatile)
7. **Billie Eilish** *Hit Me Hard and Soft* (Universal)
8. **John Cale** *POPtical Illusion* (Domino)
9. **Hiatus Kaiyote** *Love Heart Cheat Code* (Brainfeeder/Ninja Tune)
10. **Shellac** *To All That Trains* (Touch and Go)

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